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How is Bambet now?
A Year After His Kidney Transplant

Sem. Abraham "Bambet" B. Mirandilla, Jr.
(Bambet's Yearbook Photo at the Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol Class 1999)

 Bambet is doing well.  Thanks GOD, thanks to Mrs. Jean Asoy (his donor) and to the countless people who extended their help, financial and otherwise.  Our family is deeply grateful to everybody who kept Bambet in their prayers and constantly made selfless efforts to assist us during the time when we thought "there's no end to the tunnel and the light will never come."  The light came and the darkness in the tunnel did end.  Thanks to your kindness - Bambet has recovered.  Although there are still some restrictions on what he can do, he is now doing things that a normal person does.  Medicines are still part of his daily routine, but it is just a small thing to do compared to what he has gone through.

Our family cannot forget the day (May 23, 2001)  when he was wheeled to the operating room.  It is a day of mixed emotions - happy that he is going to have a new kidney, but at the same time scared of all the possibilities afterwards.  Most of us were crying, feeling really helpless.  That was the time when we firmly believed that it is only GOD who has the ultimate power to make everything right.  We prayed that GOD would assist the great doctors of NKTI that will operate on him.  They are brilliant doctors - but it is still GOD's will.

 Mrs. Jean Asoy, Bambet's donor,  was wonderful.  She was wheeled to the operating room ahead of Bambet, but before that she kept on using her precious sense of humor to put, not only Bambet at ease, but the whole family as well.  She is truly an angel that God has sent to help Bambet.  Thanks GOD for her May God continue to bless her with good health.

The first few months after his transplant were a little bit frightening.  Everything was under observation.  But hearing Bambet talk and seeing him move around, even with a mask, was very encouraging.  His diet was (and still is) very restricted and he had to take several medicines a day.  Everybody made sure that he followed the strict orders of his doctors.  We are grateful that friends and relatives were equally protective of Bambet.  They understood that visits to him were also restricted.  Most of them who visited Bambet were not able to talk or see him, as he was isolated to prevent him from getting viruses.

Every 23rd of the month, Bambet celebrates his "new life" day.  It is as if he was reborn again.  He has found added strength and fellowship from his fellow transplant recipients.  Together they look for ways and means to afford the expensive medicines and lab tests that they have to undergo to make sure that they stay fit and well.  

Bambet is due to be ordained as Deacon.  However, he is postponing it again because he is still dealing with a gallbladder problem.  The doctors said that his gallbladder has some polyps and should probably be removed surgically.   We hope he will not undergo another operation again.  But if he needs to, we are comforted by the thought that this is just one minor operation.  Our little brother is now healthy and we pray that he will continue to be so.  Please include him in your prayers always.

Bambet is continually needing assistance for the high cost of his medication.  Just in case you would like to help him, please send your contributions directly to him at this address: Sem. Abraham B. Mirandilla, Jr., c/o Ms. Brenda Babasa, 119 Chrysanthemum St., Loyola Subd., Barangka, Marikina 1803, Philippines
Tel. #s 63-2-942-5560.

To All My Friends, Relatives and People Who Cared:

I am humbled by your kindness and bigheartedness.  Your generosity has given me the opportunity to have my health back and thus be of service to God in the future.   Even though I cannot thank you personally for your assistance to me, God knows that I am deeply grateful to each and everyone of you for helping me through.

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