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Last Year's Appeal For Help

He's my brother, he's a seminarian and he needs a kidney transplant.

Bambet is Seminarian Abraham B. Mirandilla, Jr.   He has been in the seminary for more than 15 years and is already done with his Theological studies.   He is so close to becoming a Deacon and then a Priest ... Sad to say, his dream of becoming a servant of God is temporarily clouded by his present health condition.

Last January 2000, he has been diagnosed with kidney ailment and since March of the same year, he's been on a twice-a-week dialysis.   The cost for this treatment is enormous.  Our family has pooled all our resources.  Generous friends and relatives sent their contributions.  My father borrowed money from all possible sources.  Somehow we came up with a decent amount only to find out later that even that was not enough for his dialysis treatments.   

With a dwindling fund for the medical treatment, all of us who love Bambet dearly felt very scared, helpless and emotionally weak.   We prayed a lot and poured many tears asking God to help us through this ordeal.   Then God's miracle happened… a matched donor came forward, willing to give Bambet another chance in life.  She's a  pre-school teacher and a sister of a Jesuit priest.    Now, Bambet is scheduled to undergo kidney transplant operation at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute at Quezon City, Philippines.

As with his dialysis treatments, the cost of the transplant surgery is way beyond the family's means.  Thus, we're turning to people who will be kind enough to extend assistance.  We are appealing to your compassionate hearts to help Bambet and our family raise the amount that is needed for the pre-surgery, operation and post-operation expenses.      

God has been and is assisting Bambet all the time.  We had some generous relatives and friends who are doing beyond what are expected of them to gather the amount for his weekly dialysis.  To them, we will be forever grateful.  May God continue to bless them and their families for their kindness and compassion.

Now, all of us are faced with this tremendous task of raising the amount for Bambet's transplant.   Thus, we appeal to you for help.  Our family, relatives and friends are doing everything that we can to come up with the amount but our effort is not enough.   PLEASE HELP BAMBET.  WE APPEAL FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND ASSISTANCE.   Kindly give him a chance to become a priest... to serve God, the community and you.

If you decide to help, kindly send contributions to: The Good Samaritan Foundation, Bambet's Fund, Unit 1-B RM Arcade, Ramon Magsaysay Blvd., Quezon City, PHILIPPINES  Tel. #s 63-(2)716-1399 or 63-(2)-716-1499

Or you can send directly your contributions to Bambet at this address: Sem. Abraham B. Mirandilla, Jr., c/o Ms. Brenda Babasa, 119 Chrysanthemum St., Loyola Subd., Barangka, Marikina 1803, Philippines
Tel. #s 63-(917)942-2361 or 63-(919)702-6851

God bless you... Mrs. Socorro Jean CarreTero Asoy... your generosity
and unparalled selflessness is remarkable.   Our family cannot and will never forget your act of kindness. Thank you for giving Bambet another chance to be strong again and thanks a million for sharing a part of you.   May God keep you safe and bless you always.  

Bambet is greatly thankful to his friends and relatives.... without them, his medical treatments would not be possible...

Rev. Fr. Chito Tagle and the Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol (TMP) community have been constantly there for Bambet - spiritually, emotionally and financially -  ever since they learned about his health condition.   TMP has been his second home and the community is his family away from home.  

Msgr. Jesus Y. Varela, Bishop of Sorsogon Parish, sent a letter of appeal to Mr. Art Borjal.  He and the   Diocese of Sorsogon Priests are doing their best to help Bambet raise the amount needed for the surgery.

Mr. Art Borjal, a philanthropist, journalist and columnist at the Philippine Star, upon receipt of the letter from Msgr. Varela devoted portions of his column on various dates to bring Bambet's case to the public.  Moreover, he is in contact with the NKTI to make arrangements for the surgery.    Please click on the following links if you want to read his column.

The Good Samaritan Foundation is handling Bambet's fund campaign.  The Foundation has already helped thousands of needy Filipinos.

Rev. Fr. Virgilio Compente, a Filipino priest based in New York, wrote a letter of appeal on behalf of Bambet.  Fr. Competente is a family friend and Bambet's former mentor at the seminary in Legazpi City, Philippines.  

Relatives, friends and persons who haven't even  met Bambet personally - thank you for your generosity.   May God bless you for your kindness.

At this time, our family cannot give you back anything in return but our heartfelt prayers that God will always watch over you and your family, bless you with good health, happiness and peace....

Bambet's transplant at NKTI will be on Wednesday, May 23 at 8:00 a.m. (Philippine Time)

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