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Thank You Letter To The Good Samaritan Foundation, Its Benefactors And to Everyone Who Extended Their Help

October 8, 2001

Dear Atty. Borjal,

My family and I would like to express our sincere and deep gratitude to you and the Good Samaritan Foundation for helping me regain my health.  We can never thank you enough and all the people who extended their assistance to help me live a normal life again.  Trust that I will never forget how you showed your compassion and generosity in making sure that I get the best possible medical attention.  

Through God's help, I am recovering well.  Everyday I thank God for giving me the second chance in life and look to the future with bright hope.  I also thank God for letting me experience the joy in knowing that there is so much goodness in each and every person.  The loving concern and assistance that I received from a lot of people, most of them are strangers to me, are proof that people have so much love in their hearts to share.  Just by knowing that people care is enough for me to feel strong and well.

My dream of becoming a priest is now within reach.  One day I will be able to commit my lifetime to God's service.  Your and the Good Samaritan's part in making this possible is tremendous. My gratitude to you and to those who extended their assistance to me, financial or otherwise, will forever be etched in my heart.

For all your help and generosity, thank you very much.  May God reward you all back with good health, peace and countless blessings you so truly deserve.

Yours in Christ,

Sem. Abraham B. Mirandilla, Jr.

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